How to build my bike?


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Dec 29, 2004
I've just got a new Merida Scultura frame for a really good price. It's from the 7000e. They're normally built with Di2 Ultegra.

I want to build it up to sell for a profit - using some of the gear I already have.

I have a used pair of 105 11 speed shifters that I got cheap. Looking on Wiggle(and possibly one or two used bits) the rest of the 105 running gear is reasonably priced so I could build it up as 11 speed.
There may be more interest in the bike been 11 speed and it may be more in keeping with the frame.

In my boxes of bits I have a 5700 (105) groupset already so I could build it up as 10 speed. That would be nice as I'd get rid of some gear and it would still be a nice groupset for someone on what would be a cheaper bike all up.

What to do?


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Sep 12, 2005
Did you even READ what I wrote?!

Bots. There are lots of them around here.

My dos centavos worth? 5800 105 is under $400. Build it up as brand new. New components. You'll probably get around $1500 for it?

Also, Athena 11-speed is right around $550. In the used bike/non-dealer market I really don't know how much that would add to the equation though.