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    May 15, 2020
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    Thought I'd enjoy the forums here but tried several times to start a new thread and got an error message every time. I was trying to share an article I wrote about Target Heart Rate Training, plus a calculator I designed so cyclists would not have to do the calculations manually. The error messages made me think maybe I needed more posts before I could do that, so I asked the admin guy to help me out but a week went by with no reply. Then I asked the question again in a forum and finally a monitor said he thinks it's 5 replies but would have to ask the admin guy. Thought it odd that the monitor doesn't know the rules, and told him I'd already done that and wondered if the admin guy he mentioned was the admin guy I sent a message to. The monitor told me the guy I messaged is the admin guy. So I decided this place was not a good fit for me, but cannot find any way to cancel my account on my account page. So I sent another message to the admin guy to cancel my account. Still no reply. Probably never hear from him anyway, but would be nice if someone on this forum could get me out of here. Thanks!

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    LOL! WOW, just plain WOW!

    Dude, all you have to do (see how that all rhymes?), anyways, all you to do is unsubscribe from all notifications then you won't get any more emails from people posting. Just click on your forum handle name on the upper right top of the page, click on it, then scroll down to the settings column; first click on contact details and delete your email address, next click on alert preferences and deselect all checked boxes under "messages in threads"; your done, now just scroll down to log out and click and disappear. While you will always be a member no one will contact you, you won't get notifications of post responses, etc., than if someday you decide you want to come back and participate you simply reverse everything you did.