How to find the best bike for riding

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    With so many bicycles in the market to choose from, finding the best bike that suits you can be difficult. There are many considerations that you should focus on while trying to find a bike that will serve you. This article will help you find the best bike that can suit you.

    The following are key points that can help you in deciding the best bike that will suit you.

    Your Friends

    The riding company that you want to join is a key indicator of the best bike that you should go for. The best decision would be to buy a bike like the ones that your friends ride. It would be out of question to buy a road bike if your friends use mountain bikes. You will always lag as the team loser. Similarly, a road bike may not be as effective in the sand or the dirt.

    Your Previous Bikes

    If you have had a bike in the past, you may consider finding a bike that relates in one way or another, to your old bike. If your previous bike was fun and easy to ride, then you may want to find a better version or an upgrade of the same bike, to enjoy an improved experience with it. You may also want to avoid a narrow- tired bike if your previous experience was nasty with such a bike. Your previous bike can act as a benchmark to help you know the best bike that can serve you the most.

    The Purpose You Intend to Achieve

    A bike is not worth if you cannot achieve your purpose with it. People buy bikes for different reasons. Bikes are also made for different reasons. You may be interested in a bike that can move at high speeds since you want to cover a long distance in a short period. You may also need a bike that can easily cruise in the sand or on a rough terrain.

    Based on the purpose, you can find the following bikes to choose from:

    Road Bikes
    Road bikes are made for riding fast and on smooth tracks. Their tires are smooth and slim. Most road bikes have drop handlebars, and they are suited for road racing. Road bikes are light, and they may be uncomfortable on pavements. They are also not capable of handling heavy loads.

    Mountain Bikes

    Mountain bikes are specially made for riding on rough trails off the road. Most of them have flat handlebars, and they have very low gear ranges to enable riding up a steep trail. Most of them are also fitted with shock absorbers and have front wheel suspensions, or back wheel suspensions, or both. Mountain bikes can also serve the purpose of commuting, but they are not as light and efficient as road bikes.

    Hybrid bikes

    These bikes are a special combination that brings together the features of a road bike and a mountain bike. They have flat handle bars and large seats that offer comfort as you cruise around your neighborhood. The bikes have medium sized tires, to give you a treat on both mountain, and road biking.

    Cruiser Bikes

    These bikes are like the hybrids. The cruiser bikes have been designed for simple and casual riding, are very comfortable and have an upright riding position. A bike cruiser comes in various colors to suit your needs and is fitted with a comfortable seat that allows you the pleasure of riding around your errands. They are also fitted with bulging tires, and they usually have 1-3 speeds.

    Enough said, find a bike that makes you happy. Consider a bike that is within your budget.

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    I don't even know how to find the bike that will make me happy! There are a lot of excellent propositions by certain manufacturers, but when you read the reviews, you change your mind.
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    I don't know how to find the best bike