how to lose muscle...I know it sounds werid but my body fat is TOO low



I am just a normal girl majoring non-sports...I am not a athelet and
never thought my body type as athelet's. I started 4 hrs workout a
week ago to be in shape. I gained 20 pounds and want to just shed 10
pounds out.

I am now 134 lbs and 5'6 tall. I always thougt I have had more fat//or
body water than muscle, but then i checked body fat yesterday and it
was only 13%. it is very low body fat and ....maybe suitable for women

I want to get leaner muscle on my thigh..but the body fat made me if there's more muscle on my thigh, then should I quit
eating proetin...and start eating more carbs? Am I thinking alright?
my thighs are getting shaped since i have worked out. I do strides,
tradmils with 7% hill, and...some cycle.

I wonder whether I keep eating protein more than carbs..., somehow I
will get bulkier thighs. :(

Anyways, I need really good advice. plz help me out~