how to remove marks on carbon frame


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Jan 29, 2003
anyone knows how to remove discoloration marks left on a carbon fork/frame by sticky pads( used by HRms / speed sensors) ? I recently did a shift of speed sensor on the fork and i realise after i removed the rubber pad on the fork it left some yellow colored marks on the white painted portion of the fork. tried to clean it off using degreaser n soap but its all in vain.
Hardware stores and the like usually have some special solvents that can get rid of this, I think it's called "Goo Gone" or "Residue Remover" or some other catchy name.

I'm not sure if those chemicals might interfere with the carbon though (as carbon-fibre structures are essentially many layers of CF bonded together with glue.) I guess that they are clear-coated and painted anyway so it might not be such an issue.

Another option you might want to try is to rub the adhesive residue rapidly with your finger until it starts to get hot. The added friction and temperature often helps to get it off.

As an aside -- I prefer to use cut-up lengths of old bicycle tubing to put under sensors (instead of adhesive strips), for these sorts of reasons.
Then I guess polar should be reprimanded as they re the ones who supplied the rubber pad =|