How To Secure Kryptonite Lock From Being Picked


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Jul 13, 2015
Ok so I that post about the kryptonite lock being picked with a bic pen. i searched it just to see how it works. It's pretty funny. i mean how dumb is that damn lock and it's like $50.
I found a youtube video and the guy shows you how to fix it. It is pretty good what he does. The title is

"How to Pick-proof your Bike's U-Lock so a Bic Pen can't open it"
by Eric Schele (channel)
He says you know by the time you mail the lock back because you don't want it and needing another way to lock your bike. He's right and this a cheap add on.
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A new topic from you and one not dredged up from historic archives? I'm speechless...

Anyway It doesn't matter how strong a lock you have, if someone is determined to take your stuff, they'll do all they can to take it. Best thing to do is to secure it so that it's as difficult as possible for them to.