How to think Positively!

Little Lance

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Apr 3, 2006
I was just wondering if thinking positively can help you in a bike race and if you have any techniques to do it?
I am doing this because I train 6 days a week quite hard and I am not getting many good results in races even though im probably past my competitors level, I have put this down to negative thinking/pyschological.

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Julian G.

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Dec 17, 2006
Might be a stupid question to ask but are you taking recovery days before your races?

And for how long have you been training 6 days a week?


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Dec 14, 2006
Training hard 6 days a week is not the best thing to do! you need to take a day in between each hard day for an easy day. I'm not saying not to ride, but don't push so hard. Work on your cadence or on your endurance and leave the intervals for every other day. It probably wouldn't hurt to take another day off the bike and just recover. You are on your way to training burnout and that is why you are thinking negatively.

One thing that you might look into is getting a coach to help you set up a good training program, and to critique your races and let you know what you might be doing wrong.


Jul 13, 2015
Yeah the positive reinforcement. How to do this you ask. Well, you have to actively concentrate and just do it. When I do it I am always so happy I did. You know if it works. Why not? I know people who live this way. It has to be constant and with everything. Thanks for this post. I needed a reinforcement. The first 6 months that I really tried this positive thing. It was really, really, seriously amazing. It was like magic.
I'll just sit back and bask in my boat, ship on the water. I don't have to work anymore I just collect checks, big deposits right into my account. I'm living in the sunshine. It feels good. Palm trees and crystal blue water. It's so beautiful. Lol. Oh I'll dock over here on this island and take the bike for a spin.


Jul 7, 2015
That positive thinking strategy will help you push when you are losing your drive. It is like playing a trick with your mind. You are convincing yourself to believe in something and the body surprisingly follows what the mind tells it. However being positive can only do so much, it would not make the impossible happen.

Damien Lee

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May 16, 2015
Positive thinking can be very powerful but it can also cause you to burn out if you're overdoing it. You're going to have negative experiences, that's par for the course and you have to learn to accept both the good and the bad aspects of life. Many other commentators have advised you to take some time off. This is a good idea, but you need to decide when it's best to do this as you know your schedule better than anyone.