How To Train for Weekly Race Series?


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Jun 28, 2007
I have been racing in a weekly Sunday cyclocross series and have been wondering what is the best way to train. Right now my weekly schedule looks something like this:

Mon: SST 1 hour
Tues: 4x5 @ L5
Wednesday: SST 1 hour
Thursday: 2x20 @ L4
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Easy/'cross skills
Sunday: Race

So my training block really begins on race day with a high-intensity race (lots of L5+), then a easier SST day, then a hard L5 day, easier SST day, hard L4 day, then two days of rest before the race. I would like to stimulate a miny peak for each sunday race which is why I put in the two rest days before, but I'm not sure if it works that way.
The final two races in the series are in the last week of November and first week of December, and I'm planning to taper for those two races. My goals are to increase FTP as much as possible by the end of the series (6 weeks from now). Given that the 'cross races so far have been on hilly courses with lots of L5+ work should I even bother training L5/L6 during the week? I am also curious what type of schedules others have come up with for weekly racing.