How To Use Bike Rack


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Jul 4, 2015
I have to admit my full on noobieness here. I went to park my bike at work this morning and I couldn't figure out how to do it. *insert shameface here*

Here's a pic I pulled off the internet showing how our bike rack looks (nobody ever uses it, so I have no experience to go off of). I know I want to lock the front wheel together with the frame in the u-lock, but as this picture shows, the wheel won't even fit through the slot. I ended up parking it along the outside of the rack, because I could hook the wheel & frame to the bar along the outside. I feel like such a nerd.

That's the way to do it with a U-lock. You'd need a cable lock to get the wheel and frame hooked up to the rack the way you're parked in your picture.
Yeah, those old fashioned wheel benders are terrible. Better than nothing, I suppose, but not by much. If I were in your situation I would have done the exact same thing.
Those racks were never designed for the wheel to go all the way through, they are designed to allow bikes to be parked on both sides, and simply holding them up by the wheel.

I have heard, and my experience backs it up, that bikes are more stable on this style rack if parked with the rear tire in the rack.

I agree that with this style rack, a U-lock plus cable is needed to ensure that both wheels get protected... Unless you back in, and remove the front wheel to lock with the U-lock... but then you need a large U-lock.
Agree with the others. Just keep in mind that the cables are far easier to cut through than the U-lock. So get the thickest cable your can get/stand to carry for the part of your lockup.

Lucky me, I don't need to use a lock at all at work. My company has a dedicated two level bike rack and bike room, in the middle of the office surrounded by office co-workers. All of which requires security clearance, and a key to access off hours. Plus the company provides two bikes that are far more valuable than the bike I keep there.
I tend to Use The end of those racks so My chain Lock reaches it and both wheels .. I Now really like my Axa ring lock & Chain combination, a NL product.

It secures the rear wheel in the frame , a chain loops around the front wheel, and the rack, and has a pin that goes in the ring Lock..

Adding link to picture chain pin goes into the catch on the drivetrain side
of the ring lock ..

Consider popping a wheelie over the rack so you can get a lock around the rack and frame .. Ive seen wheels left in the rack and The Bike Gone.

Chains with hardened square links are more secure than cables ,

Of course battery powered saws with a Metal cutting blade defeats most anything.
Get two locks. Use a chain lock to lock the front and back wheels together (especially if you have QR.)
Then use the U lock to lock the front tire to the bike rack.
People rarely use those racks anymore. I've seen so many bike tires still chained to the rack but the thieves had taken the tire off and stole the frame. So yeah, chain up both tire and frame to the rack.