HOW WINDY IS TOO WINDY? Can a rider get blown over? Have you?

redbacks said:
I yearn for windy days, it's give you such a power workout riding into it. The windier the better i reckon. I live on a road where the wind is almost constantly blowing North. This means I go riding heading south into it. It makes it so easy to fly home with the wind behind you. Around 6pm the gusts are averaging 20-30 km/h. I'd ride 25km to some other little town, which would take me about 50mins to 1hour, then on the way home i'd be back within 45mins. This is just easy pedaling too, 60-70 in a 17-18 tooth.
You've got an enviable attitude - that I don't have:)

Why don't you try what Eddie Meryx(sp?)(argueably the greatest road cyclist of all time) used to do. He used to go out with the tailwind and home into the head wind to make him stronger.
I have actually thought about that, i wouldn't start it off on long rides 70km+ but i'll give it a burl, when the next strong one blows in.