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    Apr 22, 2006
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    Just joined up. Been mountian biking for 16 years. Have taken a couple years off due to a bad accident in Moab, and want to get started again.

    I am in the market for a new bike and have set my cap at $2500. For this kind of money, what are your recommendations? I am looking for a XC softail, and will even go used if I get a good deal on something worth it.

    Current bike is a Giant XTC SE1 that replaced my fully upgraded Cadex CFM2 that will stolen in 99. Man, I miss that bike...thieves are sucky and full of suck.

    Oh and although I can't post on the Alt forums, I wanted to respond to the reason behind shaving your legs. I used to shave when I was younger and biked everywhere, but grew (hehe) out of the habit when I hit my late 20's. It just seemed like you have to ride a lot to be able to really justify it, but I am here to give you some words of wisdom. Even if you don't go on that many gonzo rides, it only takes one to get a permanent scar. I have pretty hairy legs and never scarred in my years of shaving. So maybe consider it if there is a chance you may get a scrape on terrain like in Moab or if you ride urbans.

    After my wreck in Moab, I have a permanent scar on an entire shin. My ass and arms heaed right up, since they have less hair, but the leg...booyah!

    Anyway, thought I would put in my 2ยข worth.

    Keep on riding.