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    Sep 24, 2006
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    A quick hi from me. My ID says it all as far as my ride goes. Nothing too flashy but damn comfortable !! I'm from the south coast of New South Wales Australia via London, England and live in the city of Wollongong approx 65 miles south of Sydney.Currently weighing in at 115 kilograms { 253 LBs } having come down from around 140 kilograms { 308 LBs } . Just anothe 20 kilograms { around 50} Lbs to go !

    I'm averaging about 250 kilometres { I think that's about 150 ish miles a week }. Not a sprinter and DEFINATELY not a climber but the slow and steady approach seems to do for the time being as far as the fat burning is concerned. Did hit a sprint that maxed out at about 57kph for about 350 metres before I ran out of puff. Not bad really and had the buzz of a guy coming up along side me in his car to check how fast I was going !

    Won't go on and on but hope to throw in a few posts / replies and maybe some pictures too in the future.