HPV= 80 mph!



Do any of you get the NOW channel? Stayed up late watching The Fastest Man on Earth last night. What a show! This team (forgot the name) with no sponsors reached 80 mph! The other team (with a bunch of sponsors and enough money to test in wind tunnels) onloy reached 60 mph. All this was done on a flat road with minimal wind. Wow.
80 mp/h = 129 km/h! :eek: For how long were they able to keep that pace?
If I recall right, he held it for 5 seconds. The other guy (American), held his 78 mph speed for 200 yards (or meters, I forgot!). They will have another contest this year. The 80 mph guys plan to go even faster. Take note, 80 mph was accomplished by closing all the vents in the HPV shell. According to the guy inside, he was almost blacking out as he reached peak speed. Talk about commitment.

Check it out in the NOW channel. I think you have it there in SA or Australia because it's a British program.