HR versus Exercise Update

Discussion in 'Health and medical' started by Phil Holman, Nov 10, 2003.

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    The following is from my stationary cycle trainer workout today. After a
    10 minute warm-up I start the clock and crank up to 300 watts (power tap
    measurement accurate to within 1%). The heart rate response is still
    slow but at least I can complete the workout. My perceived level of
    exertion is constant throughout (fairly hard).

    HR Mile Time (min)
    128 1 2.5
    130 2 5.0
    131 3 7.5
    132 4 10
    138 5 12.5
    140 6 15
    141 7 17.5
    143 8 20
    147 9 22.5
    147 10 25

    6 months ago I would poop out at about the 4 mile level with a HR of
    128. The above workout is done at a level loading of 300 watts ( this
    would solicit a time trial speed of ~26mph). At the time, after a few
    visits to the Cardiologist and the usual testing, the chronotropic
    incompetence tendency was never satisfactorily diagnosed but my bicuspid
    aortic valve was. Blood ejection velocity 2m/s and 5mm delta p across
    the valve. Since then I feel a lot better and most of my pre-incident
    performance has returned. Comments welcomed (especially what is
    happening physiologically at the 4 to 5 mile mark). My previous max HR
    had been 160 for the last 10 years or so and I think this is slowly
    coming back.

    Phil Holman