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Mar 1, 2016
This for ever for the longest time now I feel happened right out felt very black and the other thing that wanted to show you guys my Maybelline I'm gel eyeliner which is also very good it's getting compared to the Bobby Brown know I won here but the mainly my eyes and a first I'm much more cheaper much more for tomorrow and everything like thatwanna up since h Dermagen IQ e left the only thing I don't like about it compared to this one it right out little bit after that I thought it white but I still really like it I'm it's still very good life okay sober is being with the fun because I love making my life busy piedmont I have mascara I want to show you the first ones that I letting for more than a year now sp fashion 21 I double up mascara just think there's a company rescue I’m looks really got in 30 he said a lot .