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    Try and purchase dark chocolate with maximum cocoa content, because more the milk and sugar content, higher will be the saturated fats in it. Legumes Legumes such as black beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils, etc. are all high in proteins and are good Vitapulse cholesterol lowering foods, due to their high soluble fiber content. Legumes also contain plant sterols which assist in cholesterol reduction. They are also rich in vitamins, iron, calcium and zinc. If one is short of time, one can also opt for the canned legumes. Whole Brown Rice Brown rice is nothing but hulled rice, with Soft Tissue minimal nutrients lost during processing. This makes it overall more nutritious than white rice. It comprises oils that aid cholesterol reduction. Moreover, it also contains soluble fiber to add to the benefit. Flaxseeds Flaxseeds contain a group of chemical compounds or phytochemicals called lignan, which help reduce bad cholesterol levels in the body and raise levels of good cholesterol.

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