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    JLthemanthelegend wrote:
    > *for freestyle 36 spoke or 48 *

    For freestyle either 36 spokes or 48 spokes work just fine. The big
    difference is looks and rim selection. A 36 spoke wheel will be lighter
    which is an advantage for some skills. A properly built 36 spoke wheel
    with a good rim will be plenty strong enough. 48 spokes just gets you a
    different look.

    A 48 spoke wheel does have an advantage for hockey. Hockey is often
    played with a deflated tennis ball. With a 36 spoke wheel the gap
    between the spokes is just big enough to let the ball get stuck in the
    wheel. When that happens it is a penalty. With a 48 spoke wheel the
    ball is much less likely to get stuck in the wheel so there is less
    chance of a penalty.

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