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    Hello everyone,

    I hope this topic is appropriate for this forum...

    I am currently a U of T grad. student in EXS. My project involves cold water swimming survival.
    Needless to say, it was difficult finding people who might want to participate in this kind of
    research (but finally, I found 15 brave souls, and am nearly finished my data collection!).

    These recruitment difficulties gave me the idea that it might be helpful to other researchers to
    create a "centralized study listings board" (kind of like a job bank) for all of Canada so that
    members of the public could browse through current research projects and decide whether or not they
    would like to participate.

    While it is still in the beginning stages, I would invite anybody who might want to be a "guinea
    pig" (I use this term in jest) to check out my website. Our URL is:

    Members of the public are free to use this service, and can directly contact any researchers they
    like. For human researchers, we offer a subscription service so that you can post your studies on
    the website. Please note that we want to help the "little guy" from the 4th year undergraduate
    project student up to established Ph.D. level researchers.

    We hope to hear from you soon!

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