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  1. NEWSMAKERS - Noor Fatima

    Humanity and hope win

    By Manash Pratim Gohain
    The Pioneer
    Sunday, July 20, 2003

    Last Tuesday chronicled a rare battle where both India
    and Pakistan were involved; but it was a battle of heart,
    where the battery of surgeons led by paediatric surgeon
    Rajesh Sharma undertook a marathon six hours surgical
    correction of 30-month-old Noor Fatima's heart at
    Narayana Hrudalaya, Bangalore.

    Noor, with her parents, on the "dosti bus" (after the
    resumption of the Indo-Pak bus service) crossed over into
    India on July 11. Noor was suffering from Ventricular
    Septal Defect (VSD) with pulmonary stenosis - holes in
    the heart with obstruction of blood flow to the lungs.

    The relentless pouring of diplomatic statements never had
    a respite, but Noor opened her heart to a new symbolism
    to the Indo-Pak relationship - the message for peace and
    healing of hearts across the war torn borders.

    The participation of India in the forthcoming SAARC
    summit in Pakistan and the likes had to make way as the
    media preferred its space for a bright "Noor". Inspired
    by the "Dosti Bus", Noor's father Nadeem Sajjad initiated
    the "Dosti Fund" for the poor children of Pakistan who
    are suffering from heart ailments. The package of
    goodwill and money had already made the fund richer by
    over Rs 1.5 lakhs.

    The spill over of the goodwill gesture is amply evident;
    there was an anonymous donation for four-year-old Arbaaz,
    the son of a daily wage earner from Bangalore. Another
    anonymous donor gifted Rs 1.4 lakhs for Noor's treatment,
    which was declined by her parents as they said that they
    could bear the expense for their kid's recovery.

    It is worth mentioning here that unlike Noor, six-month-
    old Babar from Pakistan died last Wednesday. He came to
    India via a circuitous route - Karachi to India via
    Dubai. The doctors are of the opinion that the long
    journey weakened the kid.

    Nadeem Sajjad, Noor's father, a soil engineering
    scientist, is overwhelmed at the goodwill the common mass
    of both the countries harbours for each other and wished
    for a regime of love and friendship in South Asia. Many
    may find the media hype and attention on Noor's itinerary
    to India a little hard to digest. But, nothing is
    overdone as both the countries are following every breath
    of Noor, because this is a statement straight from the
    heart of the street of both the countries. The common
    people, the spine of the states, harbour no sadistic
    ecstacy over bullets drilling into our hearts. But they
    do like to share an open heart surgery which brings smile
    to a couple, a relationship which envisages low
    inflation, high forex growth and a vision which embarks
    upon a regime of humanity.

    As Noor leaves India and grows into tomorrow's citizen,
    one hopes that petty borderline struggles will not
    obstruct her vision and close her heart for India.

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