Hump-day Uni Ride

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  1. I'm going out unicycling today! Who's joining me in celebration of the
    middle of the week?

    Sorry for the pointless thread, I've got just four weeks til my
    half-decade career as a college student is over, and I honestly feel
    like dropping out right now! So instead of sitting here, not writing a
    15 pager, I'm gonna go out and do something I feel is much more
    meaningful with my life...unicycle! I'll let you know how my ride went
    when and if I come back!

    If anyone else is suffering from senioritis, junioritis, workitis, or
    just a general lack of motivation, treat your inflammation with an
    epiphanic uni ride today, and then tell us all how it went.


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  2. I'm suffering from severe Third-Yearitis (similar to senioritis) and
    Lack Of Motivation, at the moment dropping out and being a bum for the
    rest of my life seems very appealing!
    And to make it all worse it's too late to go for a uni ride. Bah.

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