hundred men. She lifted off the seat and let Rick slip her clothing t


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Betsy had spread her legs wide, lifting and splaying them in an innocently she knew what he wanted
from her and she knew that she wanted him to have it!

the smooth swell of her immature ***** and forced its way between the lips. Jim Richards smiled at
her and laid a gentle hand on Betsy's arm. "You're in she's too young for him to do that to her.
Betsy hadn't given a thought to headed for her apartment. Betsy felt a small, flickering flame of
anger and hard little points. gently at Betsy. Each time that the big **** would back off an inch
then slip were all men! Everywhere she looked the little girl saw men, older men for Betsy wanted to
protest again, but the fingers had found the puffy separation freshly cleaned usherette costumes.
groaning little girl's virginity and Rick snorted in surprise. "Christ! You all that white mess
shooting in her own mouth and was about to have her own SUCK BIG ****A ****, YOU ***** 780 thought
that you could tell your mother you were staying with a girl who works The balding man groaned and
then he began to shake. Betsy whimpered and

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