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Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Flyingcoyote, Jan 23, 2003.

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    Took the day off work to go riding and take care of all that X-mass bullsh*t. Erin will be easy to
    shop for... she handed me a Performance catalog and marked the pages. Heh. Old man wants a case of
    shells so we can go shooting X-mass morning after breakfast. Psh, what kind of a gift is that?
    Besides, I have plenty of shells to spare... so, what to get him? Hmm. Mom just got a DVD player and
    wants all her old, hokey X-mass vids on DVD now. Okay. No idea what to get the little bro... he
    doesn't mtb, but he does backpack when he can pick up his lard-ass that far. ("Fatty and Skinny went
    to bed, Fatty rolled over and Skinny... was dead.") Good guy though. About as innocent as they come.

    Lyme got me a few years back and pops up every once in a while (about once a year)... just got over
    a 3 week bout of nastiness where riding just wasn't much of an option when by mile 10 I'd be ready
    to puke and drop. Yuck!

    But the feeling's back and the trails are as sweet as ever! Went for a 21 miler this morning at Lake
    Chabot and Skyline Blvd (mostly fire roads with semi-okay climbs and nothing technical... a
    beautifully misty morning as the fog rolled across the water and through the canyons and gorges) and
    it felt great!

    Rode last night with some friends for a quick 15 mile night ride at Redwood Park (fire roads).

    We've another ride planned later tonight for somewhere or another, unless Erin is up to a night ride
    in which case it's off to the lake. She's recently had some foot surgery (bunion removal) and is
    still getting back into the swing of things. Her lights are charged and ready to go if she can ride!

    Hopefully a local team will be riding tomorrow night... I still need to hook up with their Friday
    night ride. Woohoo!!!

    The Club Holiday party is this Saturday... we'll hit up 26 miles at Saratoga Gap and Russian Ridge
    beforehand and then maybe Soquel Demo Forest and Wilder Ranch on Sunday (usually about 45 miles
    between the two).

    I can't get enough!

    Now I need to eat. (stomach growls)




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Not open for further replies.