Hybrid Upgrade


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Jul 16, 2007
I have a Ridgeback Bullitt (2002?) and I'm in something of a quandary. I've never been entirely convinced by the need for the suspension fork and seatpost on a bike that's used mainly on streets and well-surfaced trails. On a recent visit to my local bike shop, I was told that the forks (seemingly middling-quality RSTs) need servicing, and this would cost around £40. In all honesty, they do seem a little stiff, but is this a reasonable cost for service? What are the implications in carrying on until they seize or otherwise fail? The guy went on to say that, as I didn't see the need for suspension forks, he could fit a steel replacement, with a disc brake and a new wheel for about £100.

This is tempting for several reasons: firstly, the existing rim is not very good quality (no eyelets), and is quite worn on the braking surfaces; secondly, I think disc brakes are rather nice aesthetically, as well as efficient; thirdly, the deal seems a good alternative to soldiering on with suspension forks that are, let's face it, not going to improve in performance.

Is this a good deal? Or should I just stick with the status quo? Or have a new steel fork, but stick with the existing v-brakes? Would I need to specify a solid axle hub, bearing in mind concerns about disc brakes and quick-release skewers? Would I need a new lever for the disc brake?

Any comments/suggestions/ wisdom gratefully appreciated!