Hybrid, Urban or a Mountain Bike....Help, I can't decide!


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Apr 30, 2013
Hoping the "power of the forum" could be my guiding light as a smart consumer with health on the mind.

I'm looking to get into biking for both health (primary) and recreational (secondary) reasons as I have flat-feet and a shotty left ankle, and the doctor recommended it along with swimming and an eliptical as appropriate exercises to improve cardio and lose weight.

However, I am unsure what bike to buy as the market has so many more options than when I last checked.

I'm about 5'11/6 FT tall, around 210-220 lbs and want the bike to last awhile and at an affordable price. Bike paths, around town and on pavement would be my primary riding areas BUT off-road and harder terrain could come into play. Any tips???


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Nov 24, 2012
What is affordable to you? Avoid mass market, IMHO. I bought a Specialized Crosstrail ProDisc and love it, but it was 2k, closer to 3 with accessories, two Phillips high power LED lights, GPS, etc. But, they have much more affordable Crosstrail models starting at about $600 US.