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May 2, 2002
Hi all.<br /><br />I just received my call-up papers for the H2H. I'll be starting in G (6:55). Anyone else doing it?
Hey Goat, how did you get "A"? Did you do it last year and what was your time then?
I'm also doing it - starting in C @ 6:35. This year I'll make sure I'm properly warmed up before the climb in the beginning ... if it still part of the route which I think it is. Does anyone have a copy of the new route map?
Hey Mampara, what index did they seed you on? Surely you are stronger that G?
Starting in group F. Not to sure if I am up for a fast one this year. Just gotten over Bronchitis and did not train much before that.
Mampara - I did the OFM - Classic last year, i finished the race in a time of 02:52 which gives me a index of 12 for that race and an overall index of 21. This will be my first H2H.
I also thought I would get a better seeding. My current Super Cycling seeding is 30.106.
My super-seeding is something like 24 but they took the index of my fastest race which was 19 ... so they do not necessary take you nat. index <br /><br />Check on cyclelab's site, on the &quot;Online entries&quot; page, there's a link &quot;To check which race/s you have already entered, click here.&quot; that you can following to see what index they've used for your H2H seeding.
I've got an "N" seeding! :'( 7:30 start, not so bad. They've only taken my Argus & Amashova times although I did seven events in 2002. Guess I chose the wrong ones? :p
Does anybody know how the seeding index is calculated.<br />The explanation on the supercycling website does not make a whole lot of sense nor am I able to reproduce the numbers ? &gt;:(<br /><br /><br />Leon
Leon - To calculate your index for a specific race: 1 - (WT/YT)*100 = RI. <br />Where:
  • WT = The winning time of the race(in minutes)
  • YT = You time for the race(in minutes)
  • RI = Your race index
<br /><br />E.g. My index for the OFM:<br />1 - (150/171)*100=RI<br />1 - (0.88)=RI<br />0.12*100=RI<br />12=RI<br /><br />So my index for the OFM was 12.<br /><br />To get your 'Weighted Index':(RI1+RI2+RI3) / 3 = WI <br />Remember your WI is determined using your three best races only !<br /><br />Where:
  • RI1,RI2,RI3 = Race Index of your 3 best times
  • WI = Weighted Index
<br /><br />E.g. My Weighted Index:<br />(RI1+RI2+RI3) / 3 =WI<br />(12.156 + 24.389 + 26.691) / 3 =WI<br />63.236 / 3 =WI<br />21.08 =WI<br /><br />My Weighted Index is 21.08<br />
::)<br /><br />Good morning everyone,<br /><br />Happy new year to ya'll ... may 2003 be a great one...<br /><br />Please help ...<br /><br />I cant seem to find a route map ... or anything else for that matter on the H2H and I like to be well prepared ... welll mentally at least ... <br /><br />Where on earth is Steeldale hyper , do you think we will get maps etc ... What are the facilities like at the end ... worth setting up a braai or dash home for a swim / braai? So many questions ... so little time ...<br /><br />.... and what about this hill at the start ... bit of a hectic climb out of Jhb? <br /><br />Any info will be welcome ... thanks ... and have a great day ...