Hyperoxic Training


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Feb 26, 2003
I was reading a study on hyperoxic training at -

Hyperoxic Training Increases Work Capacity After Maximal Training at Moderate Altitude, 'Chest, vol. 104(6), pp. 1759-1762, December 1993

I understand after reading other comments that this study had not been accepted by the peers as there existed no (presumably blind) control group, Ie. another group being fed normal sea level 21% oxygen, as a comparison and the benefits could have been derived just from the additional higher stressed training.

Another later separate study had female cyclists using 45% oxygen which reported no improvements but stated there may have been improvements if a higher concentration of oxygen was used (the New Mexico study used 70%).

In the study the higher stressed regime was to last 40 minutes but the participants failed only after 10 minutes without oxygen, but could complete with oxygen. This, the exercise physiologists claim, led to the 31% improvement in the subjects who had trained to be in peak condition before commencing the tests.

I am wondering what the scientific end of the exercise community (ie Ric) think of this study. I have not seen elite riders on stationery trainers with portable oxygen cylinders and masks. As it occurred 10 years ago it has obviously been further peer reviewed and dismissed.