Hypervolemia / erythrocytosis / congestive heart failure

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    Hypervolemia / erythrocytosis .. is treated by ..
    bloodletting / hemodilution / venesection /
    erythrocytapheresis / phlebotomy .. etc , etc , etc


    This is the largest published study measuring blood volume
    and patient outcomes. Congestive heart failure is the number
    one cause for admission to hospitals for patients over 65
    years of age and results in annual healthcare costs
    exceeding $38 billion.

    The study followed severely ill congestive heart failure
    patients for a median follow up of 719 days. During the
    first year, the major finding was a 39% death rate in
    patients that were hypervolemic (excess blood volume) vs. 0%
    death rate for those who were normovolemic/hypovolemic
    (normal blood volume/mildly reduced blood volume). For those
    hypervolemic patients that were followed for a median
    duration of 719 days, the death rate was almost 55% vs. 0%
    for those patients who were normovolemic to slightly

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