"I am currently having all the metal removed from my mouth."

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    Date: 1999/07/11
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    >Jan, After years of abusing our bodies by puting things in
    >them that God never intended us to put in them, everyone
    >has some sort of problem or another that could be corrected
    >if our bodies were "cleaned" of all the debris. I have not
    >done this myself, so it would be hypocritical to say you
    >"should do this". But, because I have been learning about
    >herbs and how the body works, perhaps you should look into
    >a body cleansing. Each day we put red meats, sugars, and
    >many other things that block our system. Cleansing the
    >colon, liver, kidneys and blood would do you a world of
    >good. Check out website www.newhealth.net/herbdoc. It is
    >very informative.

    I totally agree with you and have been doing much cleansing
    and detoxing. I have done Hulda Clark's kidney cleanse,
    parasite cleanse and liver cleanse. They all have helped.

    I am currently having all the metal removed from my mouth.
    I will be detoxing for quite some time. I also plan to do
    chelation to rid my body of the mercury. I am taking
    supplements only dispensed by practitioners of the arts. I
    have made much progress, as I was nonfunctional for
    several months.

    Thank God for alternative! I hate to think where I
    would be if I had remained with convential "Drugs" er I
    mean medicene.

    Thanks for the website.


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    >> >>Have you heard of Diamond Headache Clinic? It is in
    >> >>Chicago IL. I
    was a patient
    >> >>there. They finally found what helped me. It was
    >> >>Nardil.
    >> >
    >> >I thought you told us that Diamond Headache Clinic gave
    >> >you all these medications and that NONE of them worked.
    >> >NOW you are claiming that a pharmaceutical medication
    >> >(Nardil) helped you and that Diamond Headache clinic
    >> >found the right medication for you. So which is it??
    >> >
    >> >Aloha,
    >> >
    >> >Rich
    >> I guess you haven't followed the whole thread. I stated
    >> that it took
    them 10
    >> years and 2 pages of drugs to finally find what wroked
    >> for me. I have
    >> stated that it helped me 95%. Sorry you missed that.
    >> This was posted back in March of 99
    >> Dear Roger,
    >> I have layered problems. Peripheral neuropathy,
    >> parasites, my immune
    system is
    >> very weak, a antioxidant disfunction, system is low in
    >> glutamine,
    >> glucose-insulin interaction, fructose intolerance and the
    >> list goes
    on. At age
    >> 43 I started having headaches and had one everyday all
    >> day for 12
    years. I was
    >> a patient at Diamond Headache Clinic for 15 years, if
    >> took them 10
    years to
    >> find what drug helped me. The list of drugs I tried was 2
    >> pages long.
    I believe
    >> all those meds made my system toxic.


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