I am looking for some advice on a good bluetooth headset.

Robert Wiggins

New Member
May 12, 2019
My wife and I are new to cycling. We are using our cell phones and headset to have an open conversation between us are we ride. The problem is the wind is so loud in the mic that it i really hard to hear each other while we ride. Can anyone suggest a good wireless bluetooth ear piece with a boom mic or anything else that would help with this. We tied walkie talkies but we don't want to keep pushing a button and the open one that are voice activated have a delay that we don't like. Any suggestions would be apprecited.

Thanks in advance
I would just get any normal bluetooth headphones (earbuds of course) that come with a nice mic and just get a fur muff for it
Check out a company named Terrano. My girlfriend was new to cycling when we first starting riding together and was not used to riding in traffic. We have been using them for over 2 years now and use them on every ride. You can use 1 or 2 ear pieces (we only use one so we can hear traffic as well). Been very happy with them and it has given her more confidence and I feel more safe knowing we are in constant contact. They are pretty aerodynamics and hold a charge for 4-5 hours. They actually have a newer model than the one we purchased (Terrano X) and their customer service is awesome!

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