I Designed Raise Awareness Cycling Shirt


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Jun 14, 2015
what do you guys think ?


more info here => http://myuniquetees.com/vip/savecyclist

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I quite like them.

The message is strong but you could appeal more to the masses by replacing "****ing" with "damn", or something similar. That would probably ensure younger people would wear them with their parents acceptance.
thanks for the comment, thing is i had so many good comments/orders that i decided to
leave it as it is.
I think as far as sales you will sell what sells bets. As far as the intent of the message.............I think it will shed a negative view about cyclists in many peoples eyes. Cyclists are already thought of as being rude and/or snobby. The shirts might reinforce that beleif in people.

I agree with Susimi, if your intent is to deliver a positive message...change the wording. If your intent is you bottom line...do as you please. I would not wear one, nor would I walk or cycle with someone wearing one.
Lol straight to the point I like it. Maybe add a funny picture of a driver opebig their eyes huge through the front windshield of the car!
I like that the shirt comes in different colors and the message does come across very strong. This will really get people's attention.
I like the intention but not the F word. You can get your idea across without being too blunt or harsh about it. Orders? there are too many options where you could buy anything customized to your liking.
Quite nice - raise the awareness of the danger of cycling. People on the street are very ignorant, and blind, who can not even notice bicyclist.
Cool, but I would replace the word "****ing" with a more adequate word, like @Susimi said "damn" would be better.
I love your shirt design! The point gets across very well, thanks to the language! I would wear it! Good job, OP. I'm looking forward to seeing more T-Shirt designs from you.
Haha, that's an awesome shirt. I have a pretty crude sense of humor, so I don't mind the f-bomb in there.

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