I destroy all things Presta. Another one of my mechanical shortcomings.

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Alfeng, that is awesome advice. Again, I learned a lot. Urethane tires, I had no idea they existed.

Mpre3 - my joints are one thing that are in great shape, no arthritis or injuries to date. Knock on wood. Thanks for the kind words.
If you mean the latex inner tubes, while requiring a little more attention testing suggests they roll faster. On an indoor test done by a respected member of this forum it showed an approx 15W saving over a butyl inner at 20mph or so on indoor rollers. Without taking wind into account, that's about 1mph of free cruising speed. Even if one chooses not to run latex tubes regularly (I use Vittoria), they could be useful in a timed event, even if it's just psychological ;)
"Those look great, for a warzone."

Or Detroit.

But, I repeat myself.
having visions of commies in your room?! time for the docs to up your dosage again, bobbo!
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I can see Mao from my keyboard!
I see Che...



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