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Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Joshua Goldberg, Feb 17, 2003.

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  1. Gotta Share this. One of my goals has been to do a trike that would NOT lift a wheel in a fairly
    high speed turn and I did it...over and over and over, kept yelling to my wife...I finally did it
    and I didn't roll the sucker (trike not wife) or hit the wall (a nice change). My cyclometer read 20
    mph into the turns. Tadpoles taking turns at a good clip tend to lift a front wheel and there is a
    loss of steering control (often followed by wetting oneself). I also clocked 37 mph on the flats and
    YES I was using an E-Motor for this adventure (zero pedal use to 37 mph), then I returned to Pedal
    ONLY riding. I also timed it @ 0-30 mph in 6 seconds. I rode for 30 minutes as happy as a pig in
    sh*t. Monday I take her into rush hour traffic and hope the wheels stay on. Only problem I had was
    the Optima Baron Hardshell seems to be drifting to the left...I hope the Hardshell stays on the
    trike, could be somewhat of a pain to lose the seat at high speed and further embarrass my species.

    And for Spec. freaks, this trike uses Chrome BMX Front Forks (406 wheels) and a 559 rear wheel and
    has USS. I wanted a design that could be built in the $1200. area and as a prototype it went way
    over budget. Am confident though in a limited run this thing can be built and sold for under $1200.

    Photos should (finally be up by this Friday)...unless I wreck it before the pics are done.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.