I do like to see them attack !!! stage 9 post (if you're behind, spoiler)

Mr. Beanz

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Aug 18, 2015
The TDF has been filled with some unexpected excitement, crashes etc. But I like to see the top GC guys attack. Watching day after day, cruising along keeping themselves in sight gets kind of boring.

No yesterday, one then two, then three attacked, finally toward the end. I mean, you're like 13 seconds our of the yellow jersey, freaking do something! Try to take it away, please do something.

Finally Sunday was some kind of attack. I can see it takes a bit to keep up but try to take advantage of your team's efforts. Nice to see Jumbo Visma lift the pace and try to crush their rivals. It made for a more exciting race.

Yes, some of the non contenders attack but hours out of the GC, who cares? Adds some excitement but that's not I am here to see. At least Lance would launch attacks and try to escape the peloton.

This is what I like. Watching them ride side by side for hundreds of miles gets boring.

Finally an attack, and I appreciate it. Pretty scary mistake by Pogocar at the summit, that could have cost him. Rookie mistake I guess!
The 13th (STAGE 15) was a pretty good stage. Some excitement and changes in the overall GC!

Wow, couple of the big favorites so far behind. One dropped out today. Wow! Thinking the other guy will drop out by tomorrow.

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