I enjoy recovering old leather saddles


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Nov 13, 2009
I enjoy redoing old leather saddles, especially Brooks. So if any of you out there have Brooks with leather that has been baked, cracked, peed on, scuffed and does not feel right to your seat bones anymore, send me your frame and I will recover it. I'll keep it and sell it on ebay (and split the profit). If you want it back, I'll charge you something like $40. This includes the cost of good leather and shipping and about an hour or so of my time. On second thought, instead of selling them on ebay, I'll take them to the RAGBAI in Iowa this summer, put them on a display table so people can try them and split the cost with the owner. I'll be going there anyhow. I have no idea what the market will bring for a recovered Brooks. I can also put a slit in the middle a la the Brooks Ideal or Selle An-atomica. I use a Clydesdale Selle An-atomica, I prefer it to a recovered Brooks, but to each his own.
When I recover a Brooks I do not try to duplicate the looks to pass as a new Brooks. One thing I do different is to put screws and nuts on the back instead of rivets, this is a better job. I rivet the sides of the nose, though, so the adjusting mechanism is unincombered. Also, I do not put the "Brooks" tag on the back so no one is mislead. I live on the PA-MD line and get my leather from the Amish, heavy harness leather, so let me know if you are interested. You can check out my honesty and dependability by googleing me, Nelson McAvoy - 10 pages of stuff. Also you can call my cell at 304 813-9977.