I got schooled by a uni!

Bob Ross

Jun 22, 2006
So last night I'm riding my 2-wheeler (Trek 750 hybrid) through Brooklyn's Prospect Park, maintaining a leisurely 13-15 mph...when this guy on a unicycle just rips past me doing at least 25 mph! He passed me like I was standing still.

Having never seen a unicycle move this quickly, I thought "man, I gotta catch up with this guy and find out how he does it." So I started to pursue him.

I'll be damned if this guy didn't maintain his speed over at least a mile and a half! I could not catch him!!! Incredible!

At least he didn't make it look easy, that would've been totally demoralizing. He was clearly working hard. But still...holy sh!t Batman, I never knew you could move that fast on a unicycle. Major props to that dude, whoever he was.