I had a "Century" day. Going to try for a Century ride over the holiday.


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Nov 24, 2012
Broke 100 miles in one day, but it was in 2 rides, 21.65 mile am and 81.27 mile pm rides. Almost there. I was pretty wiped out the next day, but in between I spent the day out in the heat doing heavy lifting in the yard working on a teardown/cleanup project.

Wish me luck, I'm going to go for it this weekend. I guess I better stock up on Gu and Advil.
Good job!

I hear you about the chores. I had to weed whack 500' of fence line, mow for 2-1/2 hours and then replace a fence post after I discovered one had rotted off...all before I could throw a leg over this afternoon.

At least we've had some cool weather to go out and work in.

Next time you have the day off, strike out early and don't even think about the landscape at home. Look at the stuff over your handlebars!
Yeah, it has been nice here. Unfortunately, I didn't make it - combination of time issues (ok, slept through the alarm), tired, and knee pain - a couple of miles down the road at the turnoff towards my destination, I said "not today" and went the other direction, a few miles from home, and did about 25 miles of loops around a shopping center parking lot - then hung it up. The night- time follow up ride didn't happen either, just too tired. I some ways, I am disappointed in myself, but I would rather pace myself than burn out. I have about 5 months in this season to achieve this goal. I'll make it.
I may just play hooky from work some nice summer day and have an adventure - I did that last year one August day and just drove (in the car) down to Toledo and Findley to look around. "Me time" - just on the bike thus year maybe.
Yeah...Findlay, Ohio...home of the Hancock Horizontal Hundred. You really need to ride that one. Guaranteed your fastest 100-mile time over that billiard table flat course. The biggest hill is a climb over a freeway overpass!

There are areas of Hancock county where the one foot elevation changes are over a mile apart. The wind is the only thing that will slow you down out there.

And yes, I bicycled to Hell and back...and Tecumseh. And Jackson. And all around the Irish Hills. A beautiful area, for sure.