I had words with a BMW driver today

Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Mike Causer, Apr 19, 2006.

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    BMW was stationary in a country lane which is juust wide enough for two
    cars to pass, but BMW was close to the middle, so a sufficiently foolhardy
    bike could pass either side. I stopped by the driver's window, and when
    the window was lowered said: "It's a male Hen Harrier [1], there are two
    breeding pairs nearby at Wicken Fen."

    The driver thanked me, and said he thought he'd seen something similar
    near Reach (which is nearly in a direct line between our position and the
    aforesaid Wicken Fen.)

    Then I noticed a car accelerating hard towards us with me in the likely
    middle of the sandwich and said "Oh shit, it's a BMW. Bye." and
    pedaled off sharpish.

    [1] By British standards a pretty large hunting bird, but then again when
    you first see a Golden Eagle you think the RAF have a new paint scheme!

    Flood the fen again! - Wicken Fen enlargement - http://www.wicken.org.uk