I Hate Black Ice

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  1. ntappin

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    It's simple, I hate black ice. Here is part of the story behind it.

    I had to go to a presentation I was giving at my school tonight, so
    what a perfect chance to ride my big wheel again. It was cold and a
    little icy so I was happy there was a good tire under me. I got to
    school with no problem, in fact it was one of the best rides I have had
    so far. After the presentation I get changed and walk down the stairs
    to the main door. What do I see as I walk down the stairs? A sheet of
    ice covering the window. Just wonderful!
    I get outside and it actualy isn't nearly as bad as I thought. It's
    warmer than it was earlier (surprisingly) and the ice isn't unridable,
    infact its pretty non existant in some places. I get about 1k of the
    way home (about a 3k ride) and I'm going quite fast, probably about
    15-20 kph. SPEED WOBBLE TIME. Just one little tiny wobble and the
    entire unicycle goes flying out from under me. I regain my senses about
    7 feet from my unicycle. My arm is definatly sprained at this point and
    my fingers are bleeding, my leg is bruised badly but it still seems to
    move fine. I get back on the unicycle and ride most of the other way,
    although more carefully and more slowly, without insident while using
    my left arm as a sling for my right. I finaly come to a point in the
    road where I need to turn, knowing the road I slow down to the speed I
    would cruise at on my trials uni to make the turn. Bam Black Ice
    Strikes Again!! Once again I am lying in the middle of the road with my
    unicycle a few feet behind me only the time I wasn't in a position to
    brace myself and now my arm is definatly sprained in at least two
    places and my right leg isn't doing so hot either. This fall was bad so
    bad that the bike lock I had on my backpack, which is a really really
    good lock, now has it's case shattered all over the ground. The house
    is now only about half a Km away so I just walk the rest of the way as
    this street is clearly unrideable. So now I am sitting with an arm
    sprained at the wrist, elbow and shoulder, a bloody pinky and ring
    finger, and a leg that takes much pain to move and with a bruise the
    size of my palm at the hip:mad:

    let me reiterate, I HATE BLACK ICE.

    On the plus side I have found the limits of the Kenda Klaw and I'm now
    thinking of getting another 700c Tire to put some spikes into.

    Thanks for listening to me complain and hopefully you learned something
    about the wonders of Green House Effect in Canada.

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  2. Radical Reed

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    yeah i know what you meen i was walking home today on the skating rink..
    oops sorry i mean the -road- and when i get half way driveway wam! slip
    completly and i hit my head on the ice giving me a bloody nose and i
    slide to the bottom of the driveway and i had to crawl up the snow bank
    where i could grip.... i smell a snow day, but still if the weather was
    a person I'd sew his ass off:mad:

    Radical Reed

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  3. ntappin

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    o damn that really sucks. I hope someone gets some salt on that soon.
    Fortunatly for me there wasnt tons of blood, just enough to get me
    Your fall sounds pretty brutal. I really hope you are alright man.

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  4. Tigger

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    Yes I hate it also, I fell one week a go on my way to work. It was in a
    church parking lot, the whole parking lot was black ice. Thankfully I
    fell on my feet and slid on my boots a couple feet, It could have been


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  5. burjzyntski

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    sometimes I have to watch out for patches of particularly deep sugar
    sand, but never ice, thank goodness.

    that sounds painful. maybe take an oatmeal bath, that might help
    something :rolleyes:


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  6. evil-nick

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    I made the mistake last winter of going for an easy ride in the parking
    lot at work... Black ice struck, and I smashed my elbows as I fell on
    my a$$. You can still make out the scar on my left elbow. The moral:
    When unicycling in the winter, wear padding, as much as you can. I go
    for helmet (snowboarding when it's really cold, it has ear flaps),
    661's, elbow pads... Most of these are under my clothes, but they're
    there, and they help a lot. Also, assume that you are going to fall.
    Because you will. It happens a lot more often in the winter, so you
    might as well accept it, and be prepared for it. Overall, it will make
    you a better rider with practice.


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