I Hate Clothes

AndyP wrote:

> Someone told me recently that Buddhist monks can stay warm sitting naked in snow by meditation and
> breathing exercises. Apparently trainee monks have some competition to see how many tea towels
> they can dry out draped over their body whilst doing so...or something like that. Must learn how
> to do that, think how much weight you could save backpacking.

Yeah, but what about wind chill?

Calendars for 2004
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>> On 24 Jan 2004 18:22:14 -0600, job donjon wrote:
>> >Keswick and Cockermouth today had distinct reminders of Kathmandu........most walkery-type folk
>> >had more gear than George Fisher!
>> Must have been "serious walkers" :)
>What makes a serious walker then?

You can tell a serious walker by the smiles they leave behind in George Fisher.
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> Nick Kew wrote:
>> Sounds right to me, at least before I went to Italy and got my metabolism screwed up:-(
> How did that happen?

Lack of anywhere half-decent I could get to walking or cycling without a very nasty road journey.
Much more air pollution than here (due somewhat to a climate that doesn't dissipate it like ours).
Consequence: too little exercise and body shutting down:-(

Nick Kew