I have a confession to make

Discussion in 'Triathlon' started by Dr. Steven Walk, May 10, 2003.

  1. I am a loser, with nothing to do That is why I like to bother you I have no life I have no wife My
    existence is borne with strife.

    I like to swim and love to bike The run for me is something to like I am sad I am bad Sometimes I
    even make myself mad.

    After my first post I got quite a thrill After many more it sent a chill I am not funny I am not
    sunny After I eat beans my poop is quite runny.

    If you don't like me, I will go away I am starting to run out of things to say I am lazy I am crazy
    Mrs. Mxyptlk I offer you a pretty little daisy.

    Friedes I have picked on all too often Perhaps my approach I should soften I am an ass I have no
    class After I leave I want Fr. Guido to say Mass.