I have a tire question.

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    So awhile back, I wanted to switch from my street/road tire on my United
    to something I little more aggressive. I went to the b*ke shop and
    picked up the widest 24" they had. It was only $13 and the salesman
    threw in the other one of the pair, telling me that he wouldn't sell it
    by itself. Great, two for the price of one!! So I put it on and rode
    it around, and it was fine offroad. The problem was that it was
    downright unmanageable on pavement. I just could not keep it going
    straight down the sidewalk. It was squirrely, and not very stable. I
    could hop just fine to regain my balance, but I rode back home and took
    it off right away and got my money back for the one I hadn't ridden and
    he let me keep the one that I *had* ridden. I found this thing again in
    my closet and thought about giving it one more shot. Is this condition
    normal? Or did I just get a cheap tire? Is it inherent to knobbies?
    My friend has the Duro on his KH24 and it is just fine on pavement. I
    rode it.

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  2. It's a common first experience with knobbies on road. Try cranking the
    pressure up a little, I find that helps. Also, it commonly just takes
    awhile to get used to.

    That being said, some tires are better than others on road. I find
    nokian's to be a little bit harder to manage than a maxxis high roller
    for example.

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