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Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Geob, Mar 20, 2003.

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    I learned to stay outta the durn gutter. We have fairly flat gutters next to the pavement that have
    a concrete apron 2 feet wide, and the asphalt pavement abutts the apron. I was driving along on a
    narrow street with traffic, and I was on the apron. I don't generally do this, but I was there to
    save pedalling one stinkin' mile to the bike lane. I inadvertantly hit the 1" ridge where the
    asphalt starts, and my front tire began to skid sideways instead of driving up over it. So,
    natchurley, as any old motorcyclist would do, I crank in some more steering input to force it up
    over so I won't go down. Ooops. It went up over, onto the asphalt, and also carried me way out into
    the traffic lane before I could steer back to the edge. I couldda been killed, luckly (or rather a
    blessing), no one was coming.

    We have been over this exhaustively, I know I shouldn't have been there, and I thought it wouldn't
    happen to me. I thought I was too great a rider to get bit by this old gottcha. I am glad my face is
    just red and not bloody red.

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Not open for further replies.