I love this guy

Then you have the guys riding by, like it's an everyday sight to see some guy whaling the **** out of a rider and hoisting him over the wall. Hey man, it's a race, after all. :D
Pretty funny gif but I can't help but feel it looks a bit set-up to me from the way he stumbles into the wall of the bridge, setting up for him getting thrown over the edge.

Still funny though, and even more funnier if it was a legit incident and the attackers were supporters of the guy who got knocked down :D
Lmao, that's why he gets. You don't go pushing people off their bikes.
The reason why I don't think it's a set up is he gave the pusher a pretty solid shot to the back, between the shoulder blades. That had to hurt. I'm thinking the pusher may have tried to mount that wall and jump on his own because he was afraid he was about to have the **** beat out of him.

The kid he pushed could have easily gone head first into the opposite wall, too, and had a serious spinal injury. Pretty stupid game to play if it was staged.
Pretty funny not to mention stupid! :p he deserves it I guess! You shouldn't push people of their bikes it could cause serious injuries! Seems a little made up but I can only imagine being there if it was legit..