I met 'Cuorematto'

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Sergio Servadio, Apr 18, 2003.

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  1. I met him yesterday morning, at the Empoli Train Station. Mauro P., a strong cyclist from
    Castelfiorentino, had arranged for the appointment. I really don't know what about me he had told
    Franco Bitossi to convince him to be there at 7.45 a.m., to meet a guy who was driving in from Pisa,
    loaded up like a gypsy. As a matter of fact Franco did come, right on time.

    Depending on one's age anybody would like to have him as grandpa, daddy or older brother. This last
    one, my pick.

    He had a sports jacket on and a fresh copy of the pink Gazzetta at hand. Lively eyes, the same
    spirited sight he so long showed us on TV. He does show his age, of course, but still rather lean
    and healthy.

    After a formal introduction we talked about several things, all related to bicycling.

    It was nice to exchange opinions about some roads in the area. Pitoro, Passo del Vestito and that
    tunnel on the descent to Arni with a red lantern in the middle section, Cipollaio, and Monte Serra
    whose three roads climbing to the top he also does know well. Asked about it, Franco confirmed that
    on the ascent from Calci on a Giro stage he had once totally bonked and had been badly beaten: he
    would not go back there again!

    When Mauro started talking about his raids, a' la randonneur, he nodded in disagreement. He would
    not ride them, nor probably he would approve of them.

    On the other way, he promised he will be happy to join in for a leisure ride, and he asked Mauro to
    pass his private cell number over to me.

    A holiday, and great honor to me.


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Not open for further replies.