I need help on a bike purchase decision

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    Apr 22, 2003
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    My name is Chris and I have a hard decision to make. I am not extremely knowledgable about bikes and components as I have only been cycling for a year. I recently got in a bike/car accident and wrecked the frame of my carbon Kestrel 200SC. Most of my components are alright though. Here is the decision:

    Kestrel Manufacturer will replace the same frame for around $700 or they will give me the new Talon for around $850 (just the frame and fork) which means I would need new shifters (mine are downtube) and a new headset, but the frame comes with a lifetime warranty.

    I could buy a Kestrel 200SCI a slightly newer model of my bike with almost the same components on it but the whole bike for $850

    Or I could get a brand new Talon from a local shop for $1500 with all components.

    and the last option look for another kind of bike.

    I have about $1150 in insurance money to spend. Any advice you could give me would greatly appreciated Thanks.
    -Chris Smallfield