I need help on sizing!



I am pretty tall, 6'4" and I have an inseam of 35". I am trying to get a new bike. One that I am looking at has the biggest frame at 60cm and a approx standover height at 32". How crazy would I be to get this bike, will it fit? Are there things to do to make it fit better, ie raise the seat or handlebar stem? Thanks for the help.
Hmmm. Some bike shops have a system to determine what you need. I've forgotten what it's called, but I think I did read of it somewhere on this forum. Suggest you phone around a few shops and/or framebuilders.
my gut feeling is that 60 cm is too small.

one might ride a 58 of manufacturer A and a 60 of manufacturer B, but I'd say you're in the 62 - 63 range. I've got a couple of friends, both 6'-3" (1.91 m) and they both ride 63 cm bikes (from the same manufacturer).

don't force the fit!
The best method I found was that your frame's size (centre to top) must be two thirds the length of the inside seem. That means that your frame should be round about 23".