I need info on repairs to my aluminium framed tandem


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Oct 24, 2001
Hi Guys<br /><br />I need some help..... I noticed today that the bracket that clamps the forward eccentric bottom bracket on my tandem has cracked. This is a bar welded onto my bottom bracket with two allen nuts threaded into the bar. Tension on this keeps the eccentric bottombracket used to set tension on the left hand side chain. Can this be welded again??? Will this not affect the integrety of my frame???? I am in a bit of a panic.<br /><br />Thanx in advance for your response.<br /><br />Big H
If you are in the Gauteng province, contact Johan from Exocet cycles at 011 763 1410. They make alu tandem frames and will be able to give you the best advice or even fix it.
Thanx Mampara, I spoke to John Freeman and he will most likely weld the lug on for me again. The damage was caused by my geneticaly superior strenght!!!!!!?????? that in extreme cases like this overrides my brain cells!!!!!! This lug only needed slight tightening. I now recall the first time I loosened it, it had Loctite on the threads to keep it in place. Yes, I suppose if you &quot;insist&quot; on doing everything yourself you will have to go through a learning curve. Luckily there was no great damage.<br /><br />Keep those wheels spinning !!!!!<br /><br />Big H
Hi Guys<br /><br />I had my Tandem repaired by John Freeman (011-763 1410) who is the owner of Professional Cycle Frames situated of Main Reef Road near Westgate. He is a framebuilder and builds aluminium road and tandem frames. The tandem frames are the Exocet range. He went to great lenghts to repair my bike and I want to appaud hime for the service he gave me.<br /><br />Keep those wheels spinning!!!!!<br /><br />Big H
Good to hear we such great skills close by.<br /><br />Leon

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