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    Jan 16, 2003
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    Dear Fello Cyclists

    Many of you already know me as that crazy or determind guy who wants to compete at next years Olympic games well my training since that post has been great better than I expected well Now I am going to compete at the B World Championships 4 national Championships and also the Pan Arab Games, all this is very good for my career but as you all know Lebanon is not what you call a nation of Cycling hence Why I must Supply my own Equipments and my own travel arrangement all this is going to cost me money which I do not have, Hence Why I am posting this, if any of you are able to offer any Assistance with Equipments or are able to sponsor me if you are a owner of a business or you work for a large company who is in a position to sponsor me or you know where I can get sponsorship I would be very greatfull and I really need this sponsorship deal otherwise I am unable to travel to Compete at any of these Championships, I really want to compete at these Championships as its the best way forward for me to get a Professional contract,well I hope you can help me in any way possible and I hope to hear from you very soon.

    Kind regards
    A H Khadra