I need the idiots guide to rolling hops.

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  1. Erin

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    Yeah, yeah, I DID do a search but there's all kinds of technical stuff,
    physics, references to having a background in gymnastics and
    skydiving......yada, yada....

    I am happy to back on a 20 inch wheel. I'm dusting off some very
    elementary skills I learned a couple of years back like a static hop
    off a curb...no seriously, that's my skill level.

    I'd really like to learn a rolling hop and I was hoping for some very
    uncomplicated suggestions as to how to go about learning this skill.

    I can't hop high and I can't hop seat out anywhere...front, back,
    whatever... and I dunno if I ever will... so, given that, is it even
    realistic to consider learning a rolling hop? Help a timid rider out
    here. Be honest but don't be cruel.


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  2. Fuego

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    well, since you can hop, just work on hopping while rolling, then work
    on doing it up things like little curbs at first.

    you'll want to have your pedals at the right position, which is however
    you usually have them when you hop static.

    when you're hopping up things you have to take off from the right
    point, which you more or less have to determine by trial and error, and
    then fold your legs up toward your body.


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  3. ^^^What he said.

    Also, it's good to learn to time your hops by just placing little
    obstacles on the ground (sticks, rulers, etc.) and hopping over them.
    Me and my friend were doing this today while we were trying to learn to
    rolling hop.


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  4. nbrazzi

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    I hope this doesn't fall under the category of shameless self-promotion,

    The first episode of Uniplex included some instruction on rolling hops
    in the "unicycle school" segment. I find video to be helpful in
    learning new skills. You might want to check it out:


    or through iTunes:


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