I noticed something...

Discussion in 'General Fitness' started by Run Like hell, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. There's a guy here you all keep calling a DF, and by his posts I can
    see why, but why does he even sign himself DF? He likes it?

  2. Snow Going

    Snow Going Guest

    60 miles you be signing Df too.
    100 k= DF
    I listen to nature for my i pod.
    and still have no hrm, gps.ped,spikes removed shoes, chips ca s
    socks,Hippo crates maxium,jock itch nodule dush bag. and bra pads
    yet Df all was said to be the man from from ohio who runs long races
    and finishes. N E ohio. I look at a back packing web page from there.
    mountain woods and trails look SWEET....
    I try to cross x and y legs and they pop back out. to a mans sit. just
    must be a hip thing like suit paints half way to knees and a big kiss
    .......Your fired.......no body light a match.
    he probe owns the book.

    middle east peace.
    See he do the runs and don't need nylons socks to win. and pink shorts.
    with a big blow fish on it.....
    side ways lightning.
    and a perm.
    and copper tone tan.
    a potato zink copper do fine for my watch.

    thats right.
    you know it.
    jump it.
    me too.
    and finish the race.......
    DF one for the bull of black angle in paradice. and boobs of #2.....The
    not a stalker.
    m so.
    m not.
    m so.
    m not.
    m so . mnot....
    iron eagle p........no wonder she grins and looks.
    legs are cross.
    35 mm smile and beep beep.
    willie doit maxium.
    take it to the limit one more time.
    Thats right baby. 1 more time 1 12 1 2 1 2 122 12 thats
    right......sha zing....

    with df it a mirror and a tent.
  3. DF? Can you be more specific? Dancing Fairy describes pretty much all
    of you.
  4. Tom Wheeler

    Tom Wheeler Guest

    iss maybe at 2:30 est
    ( a light from heaven)
    butt dancing fairies.
    hay wait a minute.